Fire Sprinkler Repair

Are You in Need of a Fire Sprinkler Repair?

If you are questioning whether or not your building needs fire sprinkler repair, you should consult with us! Here at Aegis, we take fire safety very seriously. We will answer any questions you may have regarding your sprinkler system. If you are not sure if your system needs repair, it’s best to have a professional come inspect it to be on the safe side.

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Common Signs Your Fire Sprinklers Need to Be Repaired:

  • Water Marks/Damage on the Ceiling & Floor: If you notice water marks on the ceiling or floor, there is most likely a water leak. This not only damages your property but leaves you with insufficient protection should a fire occur. Take action before it gets worse.
  • Damaged Sprinkler Heads: Whether the sprinkler head is loose or broken, you should not ignore this. Contact a professional to repair it as soon as possible.
  • Random False Fire Alarms: If you are noticing false fire alarms, there is an issue with your fire safety system. Have a professional come assess your fire sprinkler system to diagnose and repair the problem.

If you have noticed these or any other signs that your fire sprinkler system is in need of repair, call Aegis Fire Systems right away to thoroughly assess your system for any damages that could be costing you money and not properly protecting your property in the case of a fire.

Why Choose Aegis Fire Systems?

Tom McKinnon started Aegis Fire Systems back in 1996 with just a few people on his team. Today we have over 100 trained professionals with 35 trucks! We have grown every year thanks to our great work and exceptional customer service.

If you need fire sprinkler repair, call Aegis Fire Systems! We will be happy to help repair any damages to your fire sprinkler system. (925) 417-5550