Fire Sprinkler Design

Interested In High Quality Fire Sprinkler Design For Residential or Commercial?

Whether you have a multi-family home, high-end custom home or commercial building, we are able to design a detailed blueprint of the best way to implement a new fire sprinkler system for your property. Your custom fire sprinkler design will ensure that all rooms have proper coverage to quickly and effectively extinguish any fire that may occur.

A licensed professional engineer (PE) or a certified fire protection specialist (CFPS) who is listed with the State Fire Marshal’s Office must design a fire sprinkler system in California. The design must also abide by other pertinent laws and standards as well as the California Building Code. The design process entails choosing the proper sprinkler type, size, and position as well as planning the piping system and making the necessary material choices. Also, the design must include elements like alarm systems, water supply, and backup power sources. In order to ensure the efficiency of the fire sprinkler system in protecting life and property, it is crucial to ensure that it is designed by a skilled specialist.

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Our Design Process:

  • Evaluate The Site
  • Review Architectural Plans
  • Code Compliant Design Plan
  • Materials List
  • Check For Hazardous Materials
  • Design Fire Sprinkler Plan in Great Detail

At Aegis, we understand that fire sprinkler systems are a requirement in commercial buildings, so we take it very seriously when articulating the design process. Our certified technicians make sure it is compliant with all fire codes and designed in the most efficient way possible to ensure safety, save money and to last as long as it can.

Why Choose Aegis to Design Your Fire Sprinkler System

Here at Aegis, we have serviced the San Francisco Bay Area since 1996 and have grown every year! We started with a small team and one truck; today, we have over 100 employees and 35 trucks. We are proud members of:

  • National Fire Protection Association
  • American Fire Sprinkler Association
  • California American Fire Sprinkler Association
  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
  • Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

We take fire safety very seriously, which is why we do such great work. We want every customer to know that we take great pride in our work and guarantee our team will complete the job exactly how it is supposed to be done.

If you are interested in a high-quality fire sprinkler design for your building, reach out to us today at (925) 417-5550 to speak with one of our technicians. We look forward to hearing from you!