Fire Sprinklers

Does Your Building Need New Fire Sprinklers?

If you own or manage an apartment complex, school, factory, office building or any other commercial property, a fire sprinkler system is required for your safety. Fire sprinklers are the first line of defense against fires spreading throughout the building, preventing further damage and harm to people.

Here at Aegis Fire Systems, we take our job very seriously and make sure that our fire sprinkler systems are designed and installed correctly to ensure that your building will be safe in the event of a fire. If you need new fire sprinklers installed or an existing sprinkler system updated, reach out to us today!

Legendary Fire Protection

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After an in-depth consultation about your property’s fire safety needs, our team of professionals will design the layout of your fire sprinkler system to provide optimal protection to your building. We have decades of experience in this line of work and will be able to present you with a professional blueprint of how we will design and implement the new fire sprinkler system.


Whether you have a new building under construction and need a fire sprinkler system installed or your old system needs to be replaced, we can help! Our team of certified professionals will install a new sprinkler system in your building to ensure safety during a fire.

Inspection & Service

Is your current fire sprinkler system due for an inspection? Our team is ready and fully equipped to do a full inspection of your sprinkler system to make sure it’s up to code for everyone’s safety. If anything is not up to par, we will repair the issues that we find.

Why Choose Aegis Fire Systems

We have been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1996 and our technicians are fully trained and certified to inspect, repair and install commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems. We take fire safety very seriously so we make sure that all of our work is done properly to ensure safety for you, anyone in your building and the building itself. Reach out to us at (925) 417-5550 to speak to one of our team members today!