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Automatic fire sprinkler systems, early detection and alarm systems are proven to be the most effective means of reducing death and property loss in a fire. In recognition of the proven effectiveness of fire and life safety systems, an extremely favorable legislative environment is playing a key role in the growth of the fire sprinkler industry.

Henry S. Parmalee, an American, invented the fire sprinkler in 1874. Parmalee created such a device for the sake of protecting his piano factory from a possible fire. Parmalee's invention was quickly put to use in factories and warehouses, but remained essentially exclusive to such structures until about the 1950s. The growth of the fire sprinkler industry occurred after tragic fire-related events, which resulted in the death of hundreds during the 1940s. Such fires took place in Boston (1942), Atlanta (1946), and Chicago (1946). As officials searched desperately for a solution to provide fire protection, they stumbled upon the statistics of life-safety within those factories containing fire sprinklers as opposed to those without. Fire sprinkler systems were put into action from that day forward. Since then many new technologies and methods have been developed to ensure your fire protection.

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